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Supplies For Success!

Rise and shine the girls woke up early for the traditional swim to boys camp! We had 52 girls out of 60 finish! We are so proud of our girls for participating in something that is so special to Raquette Lake Girls Camp!

At Raquette we love the idea that we were able to give our campers a chance to help other children, as it instills the value of charity and develops an awareness of those less fortunate.

Yesterday the girls participated in a special program known as “Supplies for Success.” This charity was started by the UJA Federation, 18 years ago with the intention of supplying needy children with the tools and confidence they need to succeed. By giving a backpack filled with age-appropriate school supplies, we can help disadvantaged children look to education as their pathway out of poverty.

Our girls and boys worked together to assemble backpacks with all the necessary supplies from pencils and pens to notebooks and binders. The 956 backpacks will be distributed to children in need. We are proud to be a part of this special charity and excited that we can share this experience with our campers.

In the afternoon we had all camp swim given the beautiful weather!

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