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Team Week Dashes and All Star Relay!

The Blue and The White came together in the morning on the lower field for the much anticipated Dashes! The girls sprinted as fast as they can with smiles on their faces! The white team took the win for the dashes and the blue team took the win for the all star dashes!

The afternoon was filled with bunk activities and then the lower camp swim meet!

Placid, and Raquette were at kickball Osprey, Maple, and Tupper were at the obstacle course Antlers, Cedar Island, and Saranac were at gaga Duck Bay, and Adirondack were at tennis Strongheart, Spruce, Birchwood,and Supy were at the upper camp swim meet

At the end of the day Blue has the lead but white team is definitely giving their all and catching up!

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