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A Raquette Lake Camps Happily Ever After...

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Wow! Do we have so much to tell you! It was an amazing week of fun and let’s start with updates from the activity heads.

In arts and crafts they have been making gorgeous picture frames so be sure to save those photos. They also have been working on dream catchers, friendship bracelets, and key chains. Let’s not forget their colorful tie dye shirts that will be worn for carnival. We can’t wait!

At ski the girls have been slalom skiing and having so much fun tubing!

Goalie wars! The girls have been kicking and dribbling away at soccer and have also been playing soccer golf.

Shake it girls! At dance - all bunks have been learning a dance they will perform at the end of the summer at flagpole. Intensive dance is working hard on a performance they will debut next week.

If you see your girls with new red bracelets its because they won bunk of the week! We are so proud of Maple, Adirondack, and Carry On for keeping their bunks super clean!!

Trip day was Thursday, and the girls had a perfect day! Our little freshman fairies spread their magic all around camp in their wings, tutus, and tiaras. They enjoyed a day of games, dancing, and fun. They then made their way over to boy’s camp to raid the dining hall. The boys greeted them with playing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and everyone danced together.

The Sophomores were so busy in the playhouse rehearsing for their play. On Friday evening the Raquette Lake Playhouse was filled for the big debut of Matilda. They did an amazing job and got multiple rounds of applauses! After the show they made their way to the TP for a cast party with delicious, yummy treats!

Splish splash the juniors had a blast at the enchanted forest. They had a beautiful day to enjoy all the slides and rides and cool off! Our senior girls took over Lake Placid and enjoyed a day on the town shopping, having lunch, and making memories.

Our Birchwood girls completed their 4-day Saranac canoe trip and they did an amazing job. This year was one of the most determined, fastest completed trips we have seen! The girls ended their accomplishments with a trip for Pizza to enjoy a well-deserved delicious meal. At the camp fire we loved hearing all about their trip which was filled with stories and memories that they will never forget with their camp friends.

I do! Saturday evening was our first ever Raquette Lake Wedding! Congratulations to Cat and Daniel, two of our most cherished staff members, a true Raquette Lake love story. They met at camp last summer and the rest is history. All of our girl’s camp came together to make it a night to remember with beautiful decorations at the girls campfire site, a dessert reception on placid field with music. To top it off Cat’s bunk from last year were the flower girls!

As if the night was not already exciting…. Out came the marching band beating their drums away… and a flag… a flag? Not any flag but one with 1…2…3…4…5…6 CHAIRS!!!!!! The girls sprinted to the theater cheering, crying, so excited to hear who our Team Week captains and TAs would be. It was a night to remember!

Sunday morning the girls slept in for lazy breakfast. Lunch was a very special brother, sister, family lunch, we hope you love the photos as much as we do! Everyone loved having lunch together and the sun was shining! So many more exciting things are coming up so make sure you stay tuned!

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