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Mini Sing, Western Night, Game Night, And More..Week 3 Wasn't A Bore!

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Sunday night was such a beautiful evening for our traditional mini sing! We are so proud of our girls for learning and performing the songs and especially for those who lead the sing!

A huge congratulations to our super clean bunks…Maple, Antlers, and Tamarack.

Howdy Partners! Monday night was western night and the girls dressed up in flannel shirts, jean shorts, and of course pigtail braids. They enjoyed a delicious western style dinner with bbq beef ribs, fresh baked biscuits, corn on the cob, nachos with a delicious queso dip, and churros with chocolate and marshmallow dipping sauce! And that’s not all… they had an evening of games and the ponys joined in on the fun on the lower field. It was a night to remember!

Wednesday night was game night and the girls had so much fun playing cards, and board games.

With such beautiful weather the waterfront has been a very popular place.

At ski they have been working on their skills to earn surfing and slalom necklaces and certificates.

At swim they are getting ready for the Inman island swim. Practicing their laps so that they can complete that swim and then participate in the swim to boys camp at the end of the summer.

At basketball the girls are working on shooting with something called the five spot challenge. They are also doing an exercise called dribbling knock to work on control, a variety of shooting games, and running relays.

Thursday was a beautiful trip day and most of our girls hit the road for Adirondack adventures.

The frosh laughed the day away seeing Minions at the movies and enjoyed delicious Tony Harpers pizza.

The lower sophs really enjoyed the nature of the adirondacks on the Rocky Mountain hike. They then spent the afternoon at Inlet beach.

The upper sophs climbed bald mountain. The trail leading up the mountain is a popular hike. The mountain is also home to the Rondaxe Mountain Fire Tower, which contributes to the trail’s popularity! After they had so much fun at mini golf.

The juniors were so busy in the Raquette Lake playhouse singing and dancing and practicing for their big debut on Friday evening of Damn Yankees! They blew us away with their performance. We are so proud of them and amazed by their talent!

The seniors had so much fun at the enchanted forest splashing the day away and the weather was perfect for a water park.

Stay tuned next week for more amazing updates!

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