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What's The Raquette All About On Boys Camp!

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Hello from the Adirondacks, of New York. The most beautiful place to spend your summer. We have been having so much fun here at boys camp and I am so excited to tell you all about it!

A, B, and C house were the lucky ones this week who enjoyed Eddie’s campfire this week and of course S’mores!

Maria, Maria… The seniors worked so hard in the Raquette Lake playhouse for theater camp week. They finished an amazing production of West Side Story. The freshmen saw a matinee performance on Friday, while the Sophomores and Juniors attended the evening show. We are so proud of our boys for getting on the stage and so impressed with their talent. They enjoyed a cast party and social at the girls camp TP afterwards to celebrate all of their hard work!

Get ready to welcome a new son into your family…Camp brothers is a hot topic on boys camp! This is one of our wonderful traditions as old as the camp itself. Camp brothers were paired at evening activity, enjoyed dinner together, and from there had a counselor scavenger hunt together. It was a night they will always remember at sleepaway camp.

Wednesday evening was hobby night and the boys ran all around camp picking their most favorite activities that they wanted to get more of. Tubing and banana boats was definitely one of the highlights.

Thursday night was Intercollegiate Night. Each age group is broken into teams for the summer, and they participate in some “intramural” games throughout the summer. Thursday’s weather was sublime. Sunshine and low 70’s, with just enough wind for the sailors, but not too much to affect the skiers. The fields and courts were still comfortable for play.

At canoe this week, bunks have been learning how to do a “T-Rescue.” This is the technique used to help recover a capsized canoe and get the paddlers back inside. The boys used teamwork and communication, while listening to the instruction of our canoe staff. It was encouraging to see the boys work through the challenge and celebrate their success together!

At the flagpole on Friday night, our Head of Team Sports, awarded four campers with certificates for their willingness to go above and beyond, helping clean up and reorganize the Flag Football equipment without being asked. Lineup is an amazing opportunity each night for boys to be recognized for all different achievements around camp. You should be so proud.

We finished out the week on Saturday evening as the boats rolled in right around 7:00pm for our big 4th of July celebration of 2022. The girls joined us on boys camp for a delicious buffet dessert bar. The boys and girls ran around camp playing lots of beach games, and gaga,just to name a few. They were having so much fun. At twilight the fireworks began, glistening over the lake, as patriotic music played.

Yawn!!!!!!! This morning the boys had lazy breakfast and boy did they need the extra sleep after all the fun they had last night.

We have a VERY exciting week coming up with our first official trip day. Stay tuned next week so we can tell you all about it!

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