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Beautiful Adirondack Day!

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Beautiful Adirondack weather for our girls and boys they really have been enjoying the sunshine which just makes every day brighter! We had a boys camp upper junior basketball tournament at Brant Lake. The girls had a 5U, 6U, and 7U tennis tournament at Echo Lake. We are so proud of our campers for showing amazing sportsmanship and representing our camp!

In arts and crafts the boys and girls are still busy tie dyeing their t shirts for our annual carnival. They are very excited!!

We had lots of socials last night on both camps! The freshman headed over to girls camp for a playdate, with gaga, basketball, frisbee golf, and of course ice cream!

The sophomores had a social at boys camp with tennis and canteen!

The juniors had a social at girls camp TP with music and dancing!

Our seniors are doing amazing out on their trips and we will tell you all about it when they return!

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