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Boys Camp Trip Day #1!

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A very successful trip day for the boys as they spent the day all around camp and the Adirondacks.

The Frosh enjoyed a Raquette Canoeing Adventure. They spent the day at pioneering as their homebase as they began the day with a boat scavenger hunt all around Raquette Lake. The goal was to find the flagpole on the lake and they were successful! They also learned how to build fires, teepees, and swam/played at the pioneering rave. The highlight of the day was a trip to the general store where they enjoyed delicious ice cream!

The afternoon rain did not bother the Sophs at The Enchanted Forest because they were having so much fun splashing and being wet already! They came home with lots of stuffies and smiling faces.

The Lower Juniors had The Blue Mountain Canoe trip. Bright and early they were dropped off in Blue Mountain Lake where they canoed back to camp about 12 miles. They stopped to eat lunch along the way. This is preparing them for the Old Forge canoe trip next year and Saranac in the future! The boys came back filled with spirit and said they really enjoyed the adventure. The Upper Juniors zipped around at The AdkExtreme Treetops & Zipline, a new trip for boys camp this year. The boys explored the beauty of the Great Adirondack Forest. They reached incredible heights and had a blast!

The Seniors had an amazing trip to Montreal! They are back today and Robbie gave us the awesome new about the trip below.

The senior boys embarked on an unforgettable adventure to Montreal. Their thrilling journey began on Sunday as they explored the vibrant city. They kicked off the day with a delightful lunch at a bustling farmers market, indulging in local delicacies. Energized and ready for excitement, they engaged in two exhilarating games of laser tag, testing their skills and bonding through friendly competition.

Eager to explore the city’s renowned shopping scene, the boys ventured to St. Catherine’s Street. They wandered through an array of trendy stores, discovering unique treasures and fashionable finds, camper favorite was definitely ROOTS. The boys enjoyed a mouthwatering dinner at a delicious BBQ restaurant.

Monday brought a new wave of thrilling experiences. The boys went jet boating on the majestic St/ Lawrence River, feeling the rush of adrenaline as the waves came crashing down on the boat.

To cap off their incredible trip, the boys ventured to Six Flags LaRonde. The amusement park offered tons of exhilarating rides. The senior boys returned from their Montreal trip with lots of stories and cherished memories.

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