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Brother/Sister Lunch!

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To celebrate July 4th SUPY dressed up in red white and blue garb and led the camp in patriotic song and dance!

We had brothers, sisters, and cousins together for family lunch and it was magical.

The juniors and seniors both had socials and had the best time ever. The juniors hung out on boys camp in the Canteen and the seniors on girls camp in the TP.

Evening activity was hobby night and the girls splashed around on the waterfront. They also love our new sand volleyball courts on girls camp!

Here are some updates from some activities around camp:

At Swim- the girls have been practicing breast stroke kicks, elementary backstroke, diving and freestyle. We have new water polo goals this year, and of course as always the girls are having so much fun on the aqua park.

At Tennis- the girls are getting ready for some tennis intercamps. They are also working on their camp wrists and getting tennis bracelets. They are practicing tennis skills and of course they also love playing fun games.

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