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Fake Breaks Galore!

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Yesterday campers finished working on their Tie-Dye shirts in preparation for Carnival this weekend! It was a sunny day and the waterfront was very active. The swim area was a popular elective destination and campers enjoyed the new Aqua Glide waterpark.

Freshmen enjoyed Canteen last night, and the Senior Aides joined them to help serve and play games with them.

To much applause, the slip nā€™ slide made its return for the second time this summer for evening activity.

The Aides challenged the former campers to a basketball game during rest period that led to an animated fake-break with all of the campers watching. Some of the head staff performed their own fake break at dinner line-up, too.

Mysterious red balloons keep appearing around camp, adding to some Color War anticipation and agitation. When will it break?!

Color War is all the buzz right now!

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