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Final Four 2023!

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Early Wednesday morning the boys lined up at the flagpole, the music started playing, and the teams were announced!

MIAMI, FAU, UCONN, SAN DIEGO.. The Captains and the deans were announced first followed by the professors (counselors) and campers. A tunnel was made and the kids ran through as they cheered!

They went to their team meeting spots for a pep talk and then hit the fields for competition!

The morning consisted of freshman playing flag football and kickball, sophomores playing basketball, juniors playing ultimate frisbee and softball, and the seniors coaching!

Mid day UCONN was in 1st, FAU in 2nd, Miami in 3rd and San Diego in 4th. With only a morning behind them it was still anyones game….

After lunch the boys went to their team meeting spot for song and cheer practice to start learning in preperation for the sing on Friday.

In the afternoon the freshman played soccer and newcomb, the sophomores played softball and kickball, the juniors played soccer and kickball and the seniors played basketball.

At dinner the standings were as follows: 4th place 179 San Diego state 3rd place 360 UConn 2nd place 404 Miami 1st place 472 FAU!

The teams are also hard at work in arts & crafts making their team banners which they will present at the final four sing.

Stay tuned, It’s still anyones game!

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