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Final Girls Trip Day 2023!

For the last trip day of the summer, the girls spent their day at some super exciting spots in the Adirondacks and beyond!

The freshmen spent their trip day in Old Forge shopping! They also got to go to Nutty Putty and play mini golf.

The lower sophsspent their day at arts & crafts and watching a movie. Although the weather altered their pioneering trip, they still had lots of fun!

The upper sophs went to Lake George and spent their morning at The Fun Spot. At The Fun Spot, they went rollerblading and had a blast! They then went to eat lunch in the park, go shopping in the town, and ended the afternoon with ice cream! They had a fabulous time roaming the beautiful town and shopping.

The lower juniors went on a fun adventure with Shannon for their trip day!

The upper juniors spent the day in Lake Placid and shopped around. The Starbucks was certainly a hit along with all the other delicious restaurants and desserts offered in the town.

Birchwood and SUPY spent their last day in New Hampshire on their Barnstorming trip before heading back to camp last night. While they were gone, Tamaron stepped up and led the camp in songs, cheers, and as young leaders of this camp. Last night, they held their Tamaron show and did a phenomenal job! For the Barbie-themed show, the girls held a fashion show as the assigned Tamaron leaders helped each bunk make their own custom Barbie-themed t-shirt for the fashion show! The girls had so much fun modeling down the runway and making their t-shirts. Tamaron then ended the night by singing their Tamaron 2023 alma mater to the tune of Coastline by Hollow Coves. A big THANK YOU to Tamaron for wonderfully leading our camp while SUPY and Birchwood were gone.