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Raquette Monday!

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Enjoying the shining sun, the girls relished a full day of fun activities. We started off the morning with a surprise breakfast - french toast sticks!

Early in the morning, canoe staff sent off Birchwood as they embarked on their four-day journey across Saranac Lake. As part of Raquette Lake tradition, all lower seniors attend the Saranac trip as a part of a bonding and learning experience prior to their SUPY summer. We can’t wait to hear about their journey at the Saranac campfire on Thursday night!

For evening activity, SUPY joined their sing bunks for a much-needed sing practice. The girls got to learn and practice their alma mater for Sunday night’s four-week sing.

After sing practice, the sophomores headed up to TP, and the freshmen went to theater practice. We can’t wait to see their medley production of some fan-favorite Disney princess movies!

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