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Six ! ! ! ! ! ! Chairs

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Yesterday morning at flagpole, the girls were greeted with a 6 chairs fakeout and then a special surprise…breakout! As the classic 6 chairs marching band came down with the iconic flag, SUPY ran to the social hall to begin the ceremony. For those who are unaware, 6 chairs represents the end of the summer, as 6 girls are chosen from SUPY to lead the camp during team week. These 6 girls represent excellent leaders, spirited campers, and kind girls that encapsulate the core values of a true Raquette camper. Congrats to the 6 girls that were chosen for this year’s 6 chairs. We can’t wait to see your leadership skills shine during team week.

As activities continued throughout the day, we welcomed some friendly faces to camp in the afternoon! The CITs (counselors in training) arrived yesterday afternoon and eagerly greeted their beloved friends and staff members. The arrival of the CITs is always highly anticipated and exciting as these girls from last year’s SUPY will now be living in the bunks with campers. The girls were so excited to welcome a new member and we are so happy to have them back on camp!

For evening activity, we hosted this year’s Raquette Lake Halloween! For our version of camp Halloween, campers and counselors dress up in costumes and perform skits on SUPY Hill. This year, Saranac, Adirondack, and Spruce tied for winning their Halloween costume and skit! Congrats to these bunks on a fantastic job.

In addition to trick-or-treating, SUPY hosted a circus-themed haunted house! They prepared all afternoon to spook the camp with their fun and creative haunted house and the girls surely had a fabulous time. Thank you SUPY for the fantastic haunted house!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow on the happenings around camp!

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