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Sunshine Day

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The weather was amazing and the boys were engaged all around camp in different activities.

ACE! Some seniors hit the road for a golf tournament and they finished second place. The lower seniors played in a baseball tournament at Brant lake and we had a great couple games. We won one and lost one, and the boys played really well!

The Arts & Crafts building is a creative hullabaloo this year. Caroline, the head’s answer to most things is “yes” which encourages whacky and colorful outcomes. The boys bleached patterns into bucket hats, crafted flying gliders, concocted bouncy balls, experimented with alka seltzer lava lamps, learned mosaics, fashioned little bug ecosystems, designed wooden snakes and yo-yos, knotted many friendship bracelets and much more. Caroline strives to foster a light-hearted atmosphere where the campers can escape the sun for a period and recharge.

On the first week in the ropes department, the boys took part in low ropes elements and team building activities, where they touched base on themes like communication, collaboration, and leadership. They drilled these themes using fun activities and experiential learning. Now we have moved on to take campers on the high ropes course, targeting different high elements like the Zipline, flying squirrel, cargo net etc. For each week we have a progressive model for these elements. The boys love flying high!

During our basketball periods we work on a variety of fundamentals to further grow the boy’s understanding of the game. We believe that if they have an understanding of what they are doing it’ll provide a better experience. We implement a teach , practice, play approach to keep the kids engaged an having fun. Periods begin with a focus of the day. The focus can be going over “what’s a triple threat?” Followed by “Why is it important?”. This approach open up a discussion to get them to understand the focus better. After the discussion we do a drill to work on the focus of the day. Following our the drills we get in fun games such as Around the world , King of the court and of course “Poison”. To wrap things up we play pick up basketball games with idea of applying the focus of the day. It’s been a great approach, the kids are engaged, learning and having fun.

The juniors had a tennis social on girls camp and the seniors had a canteen social on boys camp for evening activity. For the rest of our boys evening activity was hobby night-D and E house had Eddie’s campfire and had S’more much fun!

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