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Surfing USA!!! July 4th Celebration-Featuring Magic Rocks With Leon Etienne

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Last night, boys and girls camp came together to celebrate the Fourth of July. As per Raquette Lake tradition, we celebrate the Fourth of July on the Saturday closest to the holiday.

The boys came to flagpole in all of their red, white, and blue gear and really showed their patriotic spirit. Although pig night was inside due to the weather, campers enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs along with a yummy dessert bar with all fresh baked desserts. The boys danced and sang along to songs that went with the theme. Katy Perry Firework was definitely a popular request!

After dessert, the boys awaited the arrival of the girls. For this all-camp event, campers and staff got to enjoy a mesmerizing illusionist show by Leon Etienne. As an infamous rock illusionist, Leon’s charisma and spunk made the show quite a hit.

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