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The Glistening Dancing Diamonds

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I know we keep talking aboout it but its something we just can’t NOT write home about. The weather has been so perfect the past week and the dancing diamonds have been glistening on the lake. To give you the history of the dancing diamond since you hear us talk about it all the time, It is actually an award that was created some years ago in memory of Helene Liebowitz, a woman who made Raquette Lake her home for many years as a camper, a team captain, a counselor and finally as the Head Counselor. This special honor is presented at the end of each summer to a camper in each division who demonstrates the highest standards in character, leadership, sportsmanship, integrity, and concern for others. In addition, the award recognizes girls that always display a positive attitude and see the good in all. The campers that win this award live by that motto and remind us of the wonderful diamonds that dance on the lake all day long. Another piece of the tradition that makes Raquette Lake Girls Camp so special.

The girls have been very busy practicing for the four week sing this Sunday. They will perform various songs written throughout the years. We can’t wait to tell you all about it.

The freshman will perform their Disney princess show on Friday and we think its going to be magically adorable!

Today is trip day so check back tomorrow to see what the girls are up to!

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