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Traditional Swim To Girls Camp!

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Rise and shine boys camp! It was a beautiful morning for our traditional swim from boys camp to girls camp. Just under 2 miles the boys woke up early and jumped right in. They enjoyed the swim over to girls camp and the hot cocoa and marshmallows at the end even more. We are so proud of our boys for taking part in this amazing tradition that makes Raquette Lake Boys Camp so special.

The rain did not stop the boys from having a fun day! A-House, our youngest bunk and the juniors played gaga together. The older boys had so much fun with the little ones. Those campers who were scheduled at sail loved watching instructional and epic sail videos with Downtown. There was dodgeball and floor hockey in the indoor arena. Grilled cheese and tomato soup definitely hit the spot at lunch yesterday!

For evening activity we had lots of time with the girls camp as carnival was moved due to the rain. The freshman watched a movie in the dining hall, the sophomores enjoyed tennis time, the juniors had a social on boys camp and the seniors had a social on girls camp.

Apparently in the middle of the night there were some clown spottings on boys camp… Ahhhhh!!!

Will Carnival lead to Color War?

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