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Updates Around Boys Camp!

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With trip day number 2 in the works we can’t wait to tell you what our boys were up to. A huge congratulations to our boys who won bunk of the week- E house and T9. So proud of them for keeping their bunk SUPER clean!

We thought it would be a good time to give you an update from some activities around boys camp.

In the second week of camp, team sports has had a variety of different activities in the program. Football has been a great time, as the campers have been playing two hand-touch games as well as ultimate football. Ultimate football is played with the rules of ultimate frisbee where the player who catches the ball can not move, until they throw it to another player on their team. Unlike normal football, there are no downs in this game, as it is played at a quicker pace. The upper campers have been playing volleyball as well, learning the basic skills of bumping the ball with their forearms and communicating with their teammates .Lower camp has been playing Newcomb, a simpler version of Volleyball where the player catches the ball and throws it over the net to the other team.

In tennis we have been working on basic fundamentals , match play , and a mix of different game. We have gotten the tennis ladder up and running and are playing multiple matches weekly. We had a tennis inter camp Friday for the aides lower seniors and upper juniors.RLBC was well represented winning some divisions and advancing far in the other draws.This week Friday we have a inter-camp for lower juniors and upper and lower sophomores

Archery an area in which campers find peace of mind and responsibility in the sport while at the same time have a good time. The campers focus on the way in which a bow is used with its respective arrow and aiming at the target. The boys have really been impressing us with how careful and serious they take the sport and how good they are at getting a bullseye.

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