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Welcome Back Boys!

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Our boys on Saranac returned yesterday. We welcomed them back with our traditional campfire and ceremony when they returned! Completing this 80 mile canoe trip is an impressive accomplishment and longstanding tradition and we could not be more proud of them!

The Black River trip was an amazing one, making great memories. They were able to set up Camp and swim in Lake Ontario. Things got fishy as the boys caught 17 salmon and trout deep fishing on Lake Ontario! They had a ton of fun whitewater rafting on Black River.

We are so happy to have all our boys back!

The juniors definitely stepped up to the plate with the seniors off camp. They showed amazing leadership and led evening activities like capture the flag, and the junior hunt!

Evening activity last night was challenge night. Some highlights were A house challenging the AIDES to one inning softball. It was adorable!

There has been lots of things brewing here on boys camp. This morning we woke up and there were red balloons around camp. It was very strange? Maybe color war is coming today? Maybe not…

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