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We told you we have been seeing clowns at night around boys camp, clown shoes, red balloons, and after dinner last night the boys even found clown noses on their beds! Evening activity was hobby night and then it was bed time.

All of the sudden around 9:30pm circus music was playing all around camp on the loud speaker. The boys came running out of their bunks and onto the baseball field where they saw a line of clowns behind the fence with a sign that read STOP. The clowns did not talk they just stood there. Their sign turned around and it read FOLLOW ME! The boys then ran behind the clowns and were led to The Hallsband Arena where there was an amazing show with a fire performer, stilt walkers, LED jugglers. The boys enjoyed the show, clapping along, wondering what was going on until they turned and looked into the field to see burning WAR 23! The team sheets were thrown into the air and the boys cheered and ran to their team meeting spots. COLOR WAR 2023 IS OFFICIALLY HERE!