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Color War 2023 Finale & Senior Banquet!

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It was the last day of color war and the boys showed up to give their best.

The morning consisted of Tug-o-War on the beach for each age group. The afternoon was our final full-camp event, the Track Meet. The Aides joined arms as they crossed the finish line during the final relay of the event, one of our long-standing traditions at Raquette Lake Boys Camp.

After shaking hands and congratulating one another, we officially re-unified the camp with our Color War closing campfire. The team leadership spoke and we “buried the hatchet” in the campfire. Dave asked campers their favotire stories from Color War 2023.

Congratulations to the GREEN TEAM, The Winners of the 2023 COLOR WAR!

Final Score:

White Team 2218 Green Team 2638

The seniors had an amazing evening at Senior Banquet. They dressed to impress for the girls while enjoying Hors d’oeuvres, A delicious sit down dinner, dessert, a beautiful memories slideshow, and of course dancing!

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