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Color War Day 2 Highlights!

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Lots of points to award in the morning. Mid day and after dinner white had the lead!

The morning featured the frosh in newcomb and the much anticipated swim meet with the sophomores. The sophs played kickball. The juniors played hoops and the seniors played soccer!

Rest hour was song and cheer practice where the boys are hard at work singing and learning their songs for the sing competition.

The afternoon had lots of kickball, gaga, soccer, hoops, and the swim meet for the juniors and seniors.

Evening activity was the traditional rope burn. Campers were assigned to help collecting wood and birch from the woods as the captains built their fires. The whole camp gathered on the boys camp beach excited to watch their teams. White lit theirs first as everyone chanted burn, burn, burn! A few minutes behind the green team lit their fire and BOOM! Their rope set on fire first and snapped making the green team victorious!

At the end of the day the green took the lead 824.5 to white 779.5

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