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Color War Day 4!

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Yesterday in color war, the campers had a fantastic day of fun and competition!

Starting with the freshman, The camp’s little guys had a fun basketball competition. White went up early in Hoops, making their shots and putting their skills to use. However, the mighty Green team would not let them pull away and won 2 of the three games.

Next up, the sophomores. With dead even teams in baseball. In B Baseball, Green pulled out to an early lead and kept it till the very end. White fought well, but their true passion came out in A baseball. In that game, Green carried their momentum from B and took an early lead in the first two innings, but White wouldn’t have it. The white team rallied, shooting off eight dingers deep into the field. White played it well and took the lead 18 to 15; with the win in sight, the White didn’t let up and took the game.

While the lower camp battled it out on the court and the diamond, the juniors went head-to-head in softball. Overall both teams played it close. Each inning brought lead changes. Knowing there were many points on the board, the juniors played their hearts out. From diving catches to full sprints, the game was electric. Finally, one team pulled out ahead, and the Green brought home the win.

Lastly, the seniors battled it out in two games of soccer. With emotions running high and the end of the color war coming soon, the seniors left everything out on the field. The game was excellent! With the camp surrounding the field, cheers from both sides filling the air, both teams could feel a win. However, only one could pull through, and in the end, after fifty minutes of play, the Green capitalized on a breakthrough and took the game!

After a long hard day on the fields, both teams looked forward to the next event, The Apache Relay. With over 70 events in the relay, every kid can show off their skills, speed, and intelligence through many mini-competitions. Right from the get-go, it looked like the race would be tight. After almost thirty minutes of running, Green was the first team to round the corner of the hill and begin the second leg. Everyone on camp wondered, where is white? Well, after seven minutes, the freshman runner appeared on the hill. The camp thought it was over. How could White catch up? The White soon answered that question. Pure motivation could be seen on the faces of Whites runners, and they caught up! At the finish line, it was close no more than one minute difference between the two sides. After deliberation and assessment of the times, the winner was announced. AND GREEN TOOK THE APACHE!!!

Green - 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 7 seconds White - 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 20 seconds

Overall, yesterday was a great day! Both teams fought hard and left it all out on the field. Green currently leads, but you can feel the fight stirring in the White team. There are two more days left, and both teams want to hear their names on the loudspeaker.

End of day totals: Green 1627 White 1309

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