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CW Day 3!

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Our lower camp waterski and wakeboard all stars hit the lake early for the ski meet. Their tricks and skills were so impressive. The green team took the win for this event.

The white and the green team went to morning line up, had their hands checked for cleanliness, and chanted their way down to breakfast.

In the morning the frosh hit the tennis courts and had the boating competition. The sophs had soccer, the juniors flag football, and the seniors baseball. In the afternoon the frosh had an archery competition, the sophs had flag football, the juinors volleyball, and the seniors softball.

Shhhhhhhhh…. dinner was a silent one. The boys tip toed into the dining hall and were super quiet. The white team did the best job at creeping around and took the win!

At the end of day 3 the scores were as follows:

Green 1312 White 1134

We are looking forward to the apache relay, track meet, and sing!

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