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Team Week 2023 Comes To An End

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Yesterday was the Apache relay, to memory one of the closests one ever, the time difference was only two tenths of a second between teams! The white team was victorious!

Then we had our dance competition (all team and rep dance). The all team dance went to blue, and the rep dance was a tie! The girls did an amazing job showing off their moves, and especially their flips and splits!

We finished team week with our Final Sing, where each team sang their toast, an old March, a new March, and an original alma mater. The Supy girls created and presented their POMA mural to the camp, which will be hung up in the arena for years to come. A heart shaped locket with girls making the outline. It was beautiful!

In the end the white team was the winners of the sing and team week 2023!!! We are so proud of our girls for showing amazing sportsmanship and spirit this week. We ended Team Week reunited as a camp, singing FRIENDS and Pine Trees. The town had fireworks for their annual Durant Days, so our campers ended their evening with a beautiful fireworks display.

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