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Team Week Day 1!

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Happy team week! Yesterday was our first day of team week and the girls’ spirit showed from morning line up until sing practice at night. With a full day of competition, the first day of team week was quite a success!

We started off the morning with team lineups, french toast sticks for breakfast, and a team meeting. The white team met in the social hall to learn some fun cheers to utilize throughout the week and the blue team did the same in the arena. Once activities began, the girls split into their age group activities and the competition began! Some highlight activities include freshmen gaga, upper junior kickball, and senior basketball and relay races.

After dinner, the white team gathered in the social hall and the blue team gathered in the arena for sing practice! As each team began to learn their team’s toast and old march, the girls were anxious to hear each team’s new march and new alma mater!

Once the campers found their sing buddies and headed back to the bunks, Tamaron went up to arts and crafts to decorate the dining hall in blue and white colors. Along with decorating the dining hall, Tamaron painted the chair backs for each team captain and all of the TAs in accordance with their team themes; Boomin’ Blue Rock and Wild White Pop! Thank you Tamaron for your time and dedication! And as per tradition, Birchwood began making the team week banner that will be utilized at the final sing at the end of the week. We can’t wait to see what they create!

The final scores for the first day of team week were a close ten-point split! The white team is currently in the lead with 327.5 points and the blue team shortly falls behind with 317.5 points. Good luck to both teams as the competition continues!

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