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Team Week Day 3

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Happy team week day three! Yesterday, the girls started off the morning with their team meetings after a yummy breakfast - french toast sticks! After team meetings commenced, each age group headed to their assigned starting event for field day 2023! For field day, the girls play in various activities such as base running, soccer challenges, hula hoop relay, cornhole challenges, and more!

Campers and counselors enjoyed a well needed rest hour prior to their team meetings and sing practice. Once the weather cleared up, each team lined up outside the swim area for the All Cap Relay! The blue team pulled through with the win for both the counselor and camper All Cap Relay! Congrats to blue on their speedy swimming skills!

After the All Cap, campers headed to dance practice while SUPY played the annual SUPY Water Polo game. Congrats to blue on winning this year’s SUPY water polo!

At dinner, blue and white team sung their toasts to wish their opponents good luck for the rest of the week. With more activities and all camp events to come, we can’t wait to see their spirit continue to shine!

The updated score for yesterday leaves blue in the lead by 10 points as blue has 812.5 points and white has 802.5 points. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow on the Dashes, All Star Relay, and Lower/Upper Camp Swim Meet!

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