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Team Week Day 4!

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Happy team week day four! Yesterday, campers and counselors on both teams participated in various activities and all camp events as team week continues on.

We started off the morning with our usual breakfast and lineup along with white and blue team meetings. Once the meetings ended, campers lined up in their designated heats for the Dashes! For this event, each team lines up with members of their age group and runs across the lanes on lower field while being timed. Both teams did a tremendous job in this year’s dashes! Congrats to all who participated.

After the dashes, the white and blue team lined up their fastest runners for the 2023 All Star Relay. For this race, each camper on the All Star team runs the bases on the softball field while being timed as a team. Congrats to the blue team for winning this year’s All Star Relay!

After dance practice, lunch, and rest hour, the girls headed to their team meetings prior to the Upper Camp Swim Meet and activities for Lower Camp. For both the Upper and Lower camp swim meets, each team puts campers into heats to swim different strokes along with a medley relay. When the Lower Camp started their swim meet after snack, Upper Camp headed to their last bunk event of team week.

To end off the afternoon, the girls had dance practice in preparation for tomorrow’s All Team and Rep dances! We can’t wait to see what they’ve been working on.

The updated scores for yesterday leave blue in the lead by 69 points as blue has 1344 points and white has 1275 points. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow on the bucket brigade and more exciting team week events to come!

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