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Team Week Day 5- Final Day!

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Happy team week day five! Yesterday, campers participated in the annual team week bucket brigade along with a long dance and sing practice!

The bucket brigade is one of the campers’ favorite events of team week and consists of a long line of campers lined up down SUPY hill passing pitchers of water up and down the hill. At the top of the hill, the blue and white team captains pour the pitchers of water into a big bucket and try to fill it in the span of 20 minutes. While SUPY fills up the pitchers in the lake, campers pass the pitchers up and down the line on the hill to fill the bucket. This year, white team won the bucket brigade!

Each team then spent the rest of the afternoon in dance and sing practice in preparation for today’s dance competition and tonight’s sing! We can’t wait to see we what each team has in store for us!

The updated scores for yesterday leave blue in the lead by 13 points as blue has 1344.5 points and white has 1331.5 points. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow on the apache relay, dance competition, final sing, and final scores for team week 2023!

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