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Senior Banquet 2023!

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Campers and counselors spent their Monday morning preparing for packing with a super duper bunk clean up.

Campers and staff spent the rest of the afternoon having a hobby afternoon as campers chose which activities they wanted to go to. Tubing was definitely a hit as the girls got in their last moments on the lake for the summer.

For dinner, hamburgers and hotdogs were served inside the dinning hall pig-night style. With brownies and watermelon for dessert, the girls indulged and enjoyed this infamous camp meal.

The seniors, headed to boys camp for Senior Banquet and ate dinner there amongst their friends and counselors. Looking all dressed up, the girls got to say goodbye to their friends on the other side of the lake and enjoy their last moments together reminiscing the memories made this summer. As per Raquette tradition, the upper juniors served the appetizers so while they were gone, Spruce-Heart led lower camp in cheers and a fun evening activity. Spruce-Heart held a fun pajama party in the social hall with lots of candy and a movie! The movie they chose was Cheaper by the Dozen. The girls loved watching this movie all together and they especially loved the snacks that came with it!

Stay tuned for more news on our pack up, final banquet, and closing campfire tonight!

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