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Family Newsletter February 2024

A Note From the Directors

Hi Raquette Lake Camp Families!

March is upon us, and we can’t believe that in three short months we will be heading to Raquette Lake for what is getting set to be the BEST SUMMER EVER! We know we know, every summer is “the best summer ever”, but our family, especially, has so much excitement for what is in store for summer 2024. Did you know it’s our 108th summer? Can you believe it?! Over a century of memories, friendships, and fun!

We have been busy in our winter office planning lots of special events, meeting new campers & staff, purchasing exciting new things, and so much more. There is no doubt that we all live 10 for 2! Our campers and families are the heart and soul of our camp community, and the thought of welcoming you all back in a few short months fills our days with such happiness.

So… it’s about time you dust off your camp trunks, as we count down the days until we’re reunited back at our summer home. Can’t wait to be together looking at the starlit skies over the lake!

With Love, Tara, Gregg, Kathi, & Eddie

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Program Updates

The co-ed events between the Girls and Boys camps continue to be some of our campers’ favorite activities each year! We will continue some of our traditional events, as well as adding new co-ed programming throughout the summer. Some highlights will include:

  • Carnival
  • Co-ed Hobby Night
  • Socials
  • DJ Jeff
  • Senior Banquet
  • and more!

Capital Improvements

At Raquette Lake, we believe that continuous improvement to camp facilities and amenities is critical to providing our campers with the best summer possible. In this portion of our monthly parent newsletter, we will fill you in on some of the capital improvements we’ve recently made at RLC!

Last year, we added four new boats to our waterfront fleet! The Girls Camp added a Nautique S21 wakeboard boat and a Malibu TXi waterski boat; the Boys Camp is now home to a Nautique G23 wakeboard boat and a Precision 185 sailboat.

Additional highlights:

  • Renovation to the Boys Camp archery facility
  • New roofs on both the Girls and Boys Camp dining halls
  • Girls Camp volleyball courts upgraded to sand to add beach volleyball to programming

Guess Who’s Returning for Another Summer at Raquette!

Each month, we’ll highlight some of our returning staff - who are you excited to see back at Raquette?!

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Jon Stoler

Girls Camp Program Director

18th Summer on Staff

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Mark “Sparky” Howell

Boys Camp Program Director

24th Summer on Staff

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Thozi Ndlazi

Head of Ropes

21st Summer on Staff

Welcome back, Thozi!
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Robin & Neil Radley

Girls Camp Group Leader & Head of Boys Soccer

9th & 8th Summers on Staff

Welcome back, Robin & Neil!